General information

The 2022 European Championship 10m will take place from March 19th till March 28th, 2022, at  The Viking Ship, in Hamar Norway. All the members of the European Shooting Confederation are  invited to participate. 


Men Women
10m Air Rifle Men 10m Air Rifle Women
10m Air Pistol Men 10m Air Pistol Women
10m Running Target Men 10m Running Target Women
10m Running Target Mixed Men 10m Running Target Mixed Women
10m Air Rifle Men Team 10m Air Rifle Women Team
10m Air Pistol Men Team 10m Air Pistol Women Team
10m Air Rifle Mixed Team
10m Air Pistol Mixed Team
10m Running Target Mixed Team  (Senior/Junior)
Men Junior Women Junior
10m Air Rifle Men Junior 10m Air Rifle Women Junior
10m Air Pistol Men Junior 10m Air Pistol Women Junior
10m Running Target Men Junior 10m Running Target Women Junior
10m Running Target Mixed Men Junior 10m Running Target Mixed Women Junior
10m Air Rifle Men Junior Team 10m Air Rifle Women Junior Team
10m Air Pistol Men Junior Team 10m Air Pistol Women Junior Team
10m Air Rifle Mixed Team Junior
10m Air Pistol Mixed Team Junior


The competition, training and qualification will be organized in The Viking ship at Hamar. The finals  will be organized in “Hamarhallen” at Scandic Hamar 

SIUS Ascor electronic targets will be used for all events (Training, Qualification and Finals). – 10m Range training 60 Targets 

– 10m Qualification 90 Targets 

– 10m Finals 10 Targets 

– Running Target 4 Ranges 


The preliminary schedule is attached. Please note there may be changes to the timetable once entries  close. The final schedule will be sent following the final entry’s deadline. Finals will be conducted under  current ISSF rules in all events. 

The Technical Meeting at The Viking Ship: 

For Rifle and Pistol Junior March 19th at 16:30 

For Running Target March 22nd at 15:00 

For Rifle and Pistol Senior March 24th at 09:00  

Each participating ESC Member Federation should have at least one representative present at the  Technical Meeting to receive updated information regarding Final Competition Schedule (including  Training Schedule), draw procedures and other important issues related to the European Shooting  Championship.


The European Championship will be conducted according to the ESC General Regulations and the ISSF  Rules and Regulations – Detailed information is available on the ISSF website  Information about the rules of non-ISSF events is available on the ESC website  In case of disagreement in the interpretation of the rules, the valid English text shall prevail. 

Jury members (Competition Jury, RTS Jury and Equipment Control Jury) will be nominated by ESC to  supervise the European Championship.  

The equipment control will be conducted according to the ISSF rules using approved instruments.  Rifle / Pistol/Running Target Equipment  

Equipment Control will be conducted according to ISSF Rules using approved, calibrated instruments.  Pre-competition testing is not mandatory; however, athletes are responsible for competing with legal  equipment and clothing. All athletes are urged to submit any doubtful equipment and clothing to  Equipment Control for checking before the competition. All athletes are subject to being selected for  random post-competition testing and will be disqualified if their equipment or clothing is not legal  according to ISSF Rules.  

Rifle Clothing  

All rifle athletes must have ISSF seals with serial numbers on their jackets and trousers. Any rifle jackets  or trousers that do not have ISSF seals must be submitted to Equipment Control for inspection and the  2022 EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP 10m affixing of a seal before the athlete’s first competition. Jackets  and trousers that were previously inspected and have an ISSF seal continue to be valid except that  athlete with more than one jacket or trousers must report to Equipment Control before their first  competition to confirm which jacket and which trousers they will use. All other seal numbers for that  athlete will be cancelled. Athletes that wish to replace a registered jacket or trouser with a new  clothing item must bring that item to Equipment Control for inspection and a new seal. Previous seals  will then be cancelled. Rifle athletes can have only one active jacket and trousers at any time.  

Rifle Clothing Post-Competition Stiffness Testing  

If one panel of a rifle jacket or trousers tests 2.9 or lower, the stiffness device must be recalibrated, and the panel must be retested. If it fails again, but all other panels pass, the athlete will not be disqualified, but a written warning must be given to the athlete and the ISSF seal must be cut off. The  athlete can continue using this clothing for that day in that event. If two or more panels fail, the athlete  must be disqualified (DSQ).  

National identification/Dress code 

a) The athletes from each nation must display their national identification on their shooting  clothing as follows: 

b) Rifle: The name of the country denoted by 3 letters as determined by the IOC on their  jacket pocket on the side which is turned to the audience. If the NOC is already on the  shooting jacket, a National Flag should be placed or attached to the pocket facing the  audience. 

c) Pistol: The name of the country denoted by 3 letters as determined by the IOC should be  placed on the sleeve of the T-shirt/sports jacket on the side which is turned to the  audience. 

Air or CO2  

Cylinders It is the athlete’s responsibility to ensure that any air or CO2 cylinder is still within its validity  date. This may be checked by Equipment Control 


In the European Championship for Men and Women, each Member Federation can enter a maximum of five (5)  athletes in the individual events, for Men and Women Junior a maximum of six (6) where 2 must be 18 or  younger, two (2) Mixed Teams in the respective Mixed Team events and one (1) Team in the respective Team  events.  

A maximum of three (3) athletes of one nation entered in individual events (the three top-ranked after  Qualification) may proceed to the Final and can compete in the Final for the medals. Two other athletes entered  in individual events can compete for the ranking points only. 


Juniors are athletes who will be under the age of 21 on the day of the official arrival day of the Championship.  ESC GR 10.1.11. 

Mixed Team Events  

In the Mixed Team Competitions (composed of 1 man and 1 woman), a maximum of two (2) teams  per country are allowed to be entered. No mixed nation teams are allowed.  

The Mixed team and Team Competitions rules are published on ISSF web site 

Team Events  

The registration of the athletes in the Team Events (each team will be composed of 3 members). The  federation must register their teams (mixed teams and team event) online at: http://entry.issf .  

The Mixed Teams and Teams must be composed of participants of the respective individual events  among M and W or MJ and WJ.  

Maximum Entry per event: 

Eventg Max start
10 m Air Rifle Men 120
10 m Air Rifle Woman 120
10 m Air Pistol Men 86
10 m Air Pistol Woman 86
10 m Air Rifle Mixed Team Senior 80 teams
10 m Air Pistol Mixed Team Senior 80 teams
10 m Air Rifle Men Team 28 teams
10 m Air Rifle Women Team 28 teams
10 m Air Pistol Men Team 28 teams
10 m Air Pistol Women Team 28 teams
10 m Running Target Men 40
10 m Running Target Women 40
10 m Running Target Mixed Men 40
10 m Running Target Mixed Women 40
10 m Air Pistol Men junior 86
10 m Air Pistol Women junior 86
10 m Air Rifle Men junior 120
10 m Air Rifle Woman junior 120
10 m Air Pistol Mixed Team Junior 43 teams
10 m Air Rifle Mixed Team Junior 43 teams
10 m Air Rifle Jr Men Team 28 teams
10 m Air Rifle Jr Women Team 28 teams
10 m Air Pistol Jr Men Team 28 teams
10 m Air Pistol Jr Women Team 28 teams
10 m Running Target Men junior 40
10 m Running Target Women junior 40
10 m Running Target Mixed Men junior 40
10 m Running Target Mixed Women junior 40
10 m Running Target Mixed Team Senior/junior 20 teams


ESC Member Federations participating in the 2022 European Championship must submit the  Preliminary Entries not later than December 18th, 2021.  

For Preliminary Entries please use the ISSF Online Registration Service or  exceptionally complete the attached Preliminary Entry Form (Annex 1.1) and return it to the ISSF Headquarters by fax or email and to the Organizing Committee email: 


Final entry registration for athletes and officials must be made by online ISSF registration at not later than February 18th, 2022.  

All other forms (Final Travel Form, Final Hotel Reservation Form, Final Hotel Rooming List, Visa Support  Form, Firearms and Ammunition Form, Media Accreditation Form) should be sent to the Organizing  Committee to e-mail: 


Late Entries will be allowed to participate only according to the corresponding ESC and ISSF rules (ESC  General Regulations 11.3.4, ISSF rule 8.3.2.).  

Any additional entries received after the deadline of three (3) days before the official arrival day, March 19th, 2022 (March 17th, 2022), will not be taken into consideration (ESC General Regulations  11.3.5, ISSF Rule 8.3.3). 


Replacement of a registered athlete by another already registered athlete for the Championship is permitted. This change can only be made before 12:00 pm (noon). on the day before the pre-event  training for that event (ESC General Regulations 11.3.6, ISSF Rule 8.3.4).  


All Team Leaders are required to report to the OC Entries Official and confirm their Final Entries. This  confirmation must take place before 12:00 on the day before the Pre-Event Training.  


Any Federation that reduces the number of athletes and/or officials after the final entry deadline is  obliged to pay all applicable fees and costs including entry fees according to the number of entries on  the Final Entry Forms originally received. If the applicable fees and costs are not paid, no member of  that federation may participate (ESC General Regulations 11.4.4, ISSF Rule 8.4.4).  


According to ESC General Regulations, all athletes must have an official ISSF ID number before  participation in any ESC Championship. No athlete without an ISSF ID Number will be allowed to  participate.  


The accreditation for all participants, officials will take place at the The Viking Ship. Guests and  members of the independent press will be placed to our partner hotels outside of the venue.  Accreditations will be prepared by the Accreditation and Payment Office of European Championship  2022. Accreditations and BIB numbers will be distributed after full payment of the entry fees and  accommodation.


The entry fees include all charges for registration and doping control. 

Fee Description  

Fee per athlete / per event EUR 170
Fee per Mixed Team / per event EUR 135 
Fee per Team / per event EUR 135
Official EUR 50
Additional Late Entry per Athlete / per event EUR 50
Additional Late Entry per Mixed Team or team EUR 100
Cancellation Fee per Athlete / per event EUR 170 
Transportation Oslo Airport – Hamar, Hamar – Oslo Airport and Hotel – arenaEUR 60

NOTE: All entry Fee Payments must be made to the Organizing Committee. ESC General Regulations  11.4.5. 

15 Accommodation and hotel reservation 

The official Hotel are:  

Scandic Hamar 

All participants will be accommodated in Scandic Hamar Hotel. Scandic Hamar offer 4* level services  and are friendly for wheelchair users with few fully adapted rooms. Accommodation is offered in single  bedroom, double bedroom, triple be room and four bedroom 

Due to limited number of twin-bed rooms, the twin rooms will be distributed on first come first serve  basis. 

All bookings with the official hotels must be made through the LOC: according to received  Accommodation Forms, the LOC will make booking of the rooms and charge the NPC for  accommodation.  

The eighty percent (80 %) of the accommodation expenses and taxes must be transferred in advance, not later than 14. January 2022 to bank account (details in 18. Payments”). The rest must  be transferred together with other fees by the Final entry’s deadline, 18. February 2022. 

Although the booking will be based on the principle “first come, first served” teams making the  reservation and transferring 80% of the deposit sooner. We recommend all participants to stay in  the official hotel.  


Single Room
EUR 190 Official Hotel (per night per person in a single room)  -Includes all meals at the hotel.
EUR 180 Official Hotel (per night per person in a single room)  -Includes breakfast and dinner at the hotel
EUR 165 Official Hotel (per night per person in a single room)  -Includes breakfast
Double Room
EUR 145 Official Hotel (per night per person in a double room)  -Includes all meals at the hotel
EUR 135 Official Hotel (per night per person in a double room)  -Includes breakfast and dinner at the hotel
EUR 120 Official Hotel (per night per person in a double room)  -Includes breakfast at the hotel
Triple Room
EUR 130 Official Hotel (per night per person in a triple room)  -Includes all meals at the hotel
EUR 120 Official Hotel (per night per person in a triple room)  -Includes breakfast and dinner at the hotel
EUR 105 Official Hotel (per night per person in a triple room)  -Includes breakfast at the hotel
Four beds Room
EUR 120 Official Hotel (per night per person in a four beds room)  -This price includes all meals
EUR 110 Official Hotel (per night per person in a four beds room)  -Includes breakfast and dinner at the hotel
EUR 95 Official Hotel (per night per person in a four beds room)  -Includes breakfast at the hotel


Breakfast/lunch/dinner are included in the hotel price depends of the reservation. Lunch will be  available at the Scandic Hotel for a three-hour period each day. Deviations from this must be clarified  individually with LOC.  

We will do our best to cater to all dietary requirements. Specific dietary requests should be made in  advance to the LOC. 


LOC will calculate the total entry and competition fees and send an invoice with bank details.

▪ The amount of the Entry fee invoice must be paid by the Final Payment Deadline 18st February  2022 

All fees must be paid by bank transfer in Euro, and any bank fees or charges MUST be paid by the  payee on top of the balance at the time of payment. 

All payments must be to the below bank details: 

Entry fee: 

Account Holder: NSF Arrangement AS
IBAN Number NO02115066890209
Bank Name: DNB
Bank Address: Postbox 1600 Sentrum, 0021 Oslo
Payment Reference: Name of persons paid for.


Account Holder: NSF Arrangement AS
Iban Number NO1615065200314
Bank Name: DNB
Bank Address: P.O.Box 1600 Sentrum, 0021 Oslo
Payment Reference: Name of persons paid for.

All the expenses must be paid in advance! Additional payments may be paid to the Organizing  Committee ONLY in credit cards, NOT in cash. Please note that traveller checkswill not be accepted. 

All bank transfers must be made ONLY in EUR and must include any fees the bank may charge. Please  take care, that all necessary data are indicated, so that the Organizing Committee can assign payments 

to the correct federation. Please give a copy of the bank transfer slip to your Team Leader to bring it  as a proof of payment to the Entry Confirmation at accreditation. 

80 % of the accommodation costs must be paid latest January 18th, 2022, by the timeof the preliminary  hotel reservation. All entry fees, transportation costs and the rest of the accommodation costs must  be paid latest February 18th, 2022. 

Payment by cash upon arrivals will not be accepted. All bank charges are for the costs of the party  making the payment. 


LOC will provide transportations service from Gardermoen Airport OSL to the Official Championship Hotel Scandic Hamar, and from the Hotel to the Shooting Range during the duration of the Championships. The travelling time from the airport to the hotels is approximately 1 hour. (From the hotel to The Viking Ship is within 10 min walking distance.)

Arrival & Departure Transport Service (airport – hotel ‐ airport) will be provided on the designated Official Arrival and Departure Days (March 18th, March 21st, March 23rd, March 27th, March 28th, 2022) only.

Transportation outside of the official arrival and departure days will be subject to a EUR 50 fee per person per trip in addition to the Transportation charges.

Any teams travelling outside of the official arrival and departure days are required to contact the LOC for their arrangements. This transportation is including the transfer of firearms and ammunition from the airport to the armoury of the shooting range.


NPCs are responsible to obtain a visa if needed. Please contact the organizers for the official invitation  letter. You can find information about visas between Norway and other countries here:

For those needing a visa, a letter of invitation will be provided by the organizers with the following  details when the following is (annex 3):  

1. Full name as in passport  

2. Function in the team 

3. Passport number 

4. Passport expiry date  

5. Copy of Passport (Clear to see) 


Air guns and air pistols with a caliber of 4,5 mm or less may be imported into Norway without a license by people of age 18 years or more. In addition, we have obtained an exception from the age limit for  participants between 16 and 18 years of age. For participants under 16 years of age, the weapon  should be carried by a coach or leader. There is no fee. To simplify the process at the border, fill in  Annex 4. 

The European Championship 2022 Organizing Committee have made arrangements with the customs  at Oslo Airport Gardermoen for smooth handling of special luggage. 

Check for general  information. 


Please kindly note that all team members (including competitors, technical staff, officials and  supporters) attending this event are kindly requested to ensure they have personal, medical and travel  insurance as the event will not indemnify individual claims. 


Doping tests as required by the ISSF Rules and Regulations will be performed in all events and all  categories at the shooting range.


The awarding ceremonies will take place daily after the finals at the awarding area in the Final Hall. 


Each nation must send an electronic version of the national flag to the LOC. The Team leader will  check the anthems and flag in accreditation when checking in. 


Firearms and equipment manufacturers with their service facilities will be present during the  official days of the European Championship 2022 at the shooting range. 


All media representatives of the relevant ESC countries will be invited through the ESC member  federations. Before attending the Championship, all media representatives must register by sending  the Media Accreditation Form (Annex 5) to the Organizing Committee within the deadline February  18th, 2022. 


Medical and First Aid support will be available at the arena and at the final hall.

28 COVID 19 

As the organiser of the European Championship, the Norwegian Shooting Association must comply  with the current regulations for the pandemic. There are currently restrictions for some nations upon  arrival Norway. LOC will update ESC and participating nations continuously regarding the guidelines  issued by the Norwegian health authorities. For further and current information: Norwegian Institute  of Public Health – NIPH ( 


The average temperature in March at Hamar + 2C to – 5C 


Please find the summary from the Annex 1.2 

31 ORGANISATION AND ADMINISTRATION – Contact Details The Local Organising Committee for the competition will be:  

LOC: Norwegian Shooting Association 

Address: P.O.Box 500 

N-0840 Oslo 


Contact Person Per Iversen/Bjørn Harald Vik 

Phone: +47 21 02 90 00 


Should you require further information please do not hesitate to contact us.  We look forward to seeing you in Hamar