European Shooting
Championship 2022

Hamar, Norway 

18. – 28. MARCH 2022

Rifle I Pistol I Running Target


Dear Athletes, Officers, Volunteers and Organizers.
Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of European Shooting Confederation President Alexander Ratner I welcome all of you to 10 m European Championship in Hamar Norway.
I want to thank and congratulate Organization Committee and Norwegian Shooting Association for your excellent work. We all understand that it hasn’t been easy to make plans and meetings in remote access and all the time been afraid of new pandemic which could stop all planning. I also want to thank all volunteers, you have used your free time and made these competitions possible. I know that also Norwegian Government, specially Culture and Sport Ministry, has been munificent for these Championships of which we all are very thankful.

I am also very pleased that we have so many athletes here in Hamar, totally 488 athletes from 43 countries.

Also your preparation and training has been difficult due to Covid-19 pandemic and has needed innovation and resilience. We have good number of athletes but we miss our Ukrainian friends who couldn’t come due to the war. All our hearts and thoughts are with them.
I wish good luck and fair play to all of athletes and officials.

With these few words I hereby declare 10 m European Championships in Hamar Norway open.

Thank you!

Pekka Kuusisto
Vice President ESC and Technical Delegate for ECH 10M 2022

Greeting from the Norwegian Shooting Association:

It is with great pleasure for Norway, Hamar and the Norwegian Shooting Association welcome athletes, coaches, and spectators to the ECH European Championship10m Air Weapon in 2022, March 19th to 27th.

Sportshooting has been a tradition in Norway since before 1900. Norway has arranged the European Championship air weapon 3 times before; in Oslo 1980, in Stavanger 1988 and in Meråker 2010.

We are ready for a new European Championship. This time in the center of the country, close to the main airport, in a city named Hamar with 90.000 residents. The shooting ranges are in the Viking Ship – the hall for the big moments, and the Final Hall for Pistol and Rifle in Hamarhallen (in the athlete’s hotel).

Our main focus for this European Championship is to provide all participants with optimal competitive conditions in a good and sustainable environment
We will do our best so that the championship can show the world fantastic achievements based on honest and pure sportsmanship.

Oslo, November 07th 2021
Norwegian Shooting Association

Håvard Larsen

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