Second Edition per March 1


  1. Brief factual information about the event
  2. Brief description of the general Covid-restrictions in Norway per March 1
  3. Event requirements and guidelines
  4. Overall barriers and infection control measures for the event
  5. COVID-19 team
  6. Test routines – arrival, during the event, departure
  7. Information to all visiting participants before the event
  8. Covid-requirements for the actual shooting events
  9. Specific infection control measures for the following areas / places:
    • Stay (hotel) on the site of event
    • Indoor facilities at the residence
    • Internal transport at the organizing site
    • The arenas
    • Arena security
    • Media
    • Volunteers and other implementation staff
  1. Brief factual information about the event
    To take place in “Vikingskipet” and “Hamarhallen” from March 13 to March 27, including
    competitions for both federations: WSPS (only “Vikingskipet”) and ESC.
    All participants will stay in the same hotel, Scandic Hotel Hamar, and will be subject to the
    same Covid-protocol – before, during and after the various competitions.
    Official guests, jury, media and foreign event support are located in their own defined hotel,
  1. Brief description of the general Covid-restrictions in Norway per March 1
    There are currently no formal, compulsory Covid-restrictions in Norway. This means no
    obligation to wear face mask, no testing at the border, no quarantine requirements etc.
    Foreign visitors are not required to present an EU approved digital Covid-19
    passport/document or to perform a PCR or rapid Antigen test within 24h prior to departure
    of flight to Norway and show proof of a negative test at the border.
    There are no “bubble”-restrictions in Norway, meaning all visitors are free to visit
    restaurants, enjoy sightseeing, go shopping etc
    The current complete domestic Covid-regulations are available through the link below.
  1. Event requirements and guidelines
    Considering the Covid-19 situation in Norway compared to other countries the Organizer has
    decided to enforce a stricter Covid-protocol than what is currently implemented by
    Norwegian authorities.
    The Covid-protocol will include the following requirements:
    • All foreign visitors are requested to take a Covid-test prior to departure for Hamar.
    • All participants, athletes and staff/officials, will take a mandatory Antigen test upon
    arrival in Hamar. If this test is positive, a mandatory PCR test will also be conducted.
    • All persons with a positive PCR test will not be able to compete or serve as an official.
    • All persons with a positive PCR test will have to stay in their hotel for 4 days,
    preferably in designated rooms. Test of CT-values after 4 days, showing satisfactory
    values, will be required before participation in competition could be approved.
    • Face masks must be used in all accredited areas of the event. And in all situations
    where it is not possible to keep a distance of minimum 1 meter.
    • Event office which includes Team Service, Accreditation and Covid-19 testing will
    open at March 11th. The teams cannot expect any support from the Organizer prior
    to this date.
    The Organizer will set up a test center in Hamar. First at the venue – Vikingskipet, thereafter
    at Scandic Hotel.
    Rates: (ESC will cover most test costs; exceptions to be communicated during the event.)
    • PCR (Ordinary and Express) Euro 150 per person, one test
    • Antigen Euro 60 per person, one test
    For persons with a positive PCR test , the following applies:
    • Avoid visitors in the room.
    • Do not leave the hotel room except for necessary errands, see below.
    • Do not take public transport.
    • Outdoor walking is allowed, but keep 1 meter away from others.
    • Avoid any places where it is difficult to keep 1 meter distance.
    • Avoid public places, transportation and shops. In the absence of alternatives,
    you can go out to do necessary errands in a grocery shop or pharmacy, but make sure
    to keep a safe distance to others, wear a face mask and avoid queues.
    For alle participants (athletes and officials) the following applies regardless of negative
    arrival test:
    • Immediate testing of all accredited who develop symptoms during the event
    The event staff/volunteers will conduct self-testing every morning in their room. If positive
    test, these persons will stay in their room all day, or permanently leave the event.
    Testing during the event will take place at the designated test station. (Vikingskipet or
    Scandic Hotel, Hamar).
  1. Overall barriers and infection control measures for the event
    The organizer’s infection control measures are based on the following principles:
    1. Avoid that sick people come in contact with healthy participants by informing
      everyone not to participate even with the slightest feeling of illness. Quick
      reporting routines in case of illness will be ensured. Sick persons must be isolated
      and are not allowed to be present at the event.
    2. Good information about hand hygiene, coughing routines and how to limit
      contact from hands to face.
    3. Ensure frequent cleaning of all common areas/surfaces in hotels, arenas, etc.
  1. COVID-19 team
    The Organizer is in close collaboration with the municipality and is responsible for all
    handling of testing and infection control measures. The work is organized by a COVID-19
    team consisting of the following people:
    • Representative from Medical Center “Volvat” – head of medical
    • Representative from Medical Center “Volvat” – testing coordinator
    • Per Iversen – COVID-19 coordinator, Norwegian Shooting Association
  1. Test routines – arrival, during the event, departure
    Testing at the event is organized and carried out by Medical Center “Volvat” according to a
    plan from the Covid-19 team.
    The scope of testing at the event:
    • All teams and other international representatives holding an accreditation for the
    event shall be tested immediately after arrival. (As stated in section 3 above.)
    • Immediate testing of all accredited who develop symptoms during the event.
    • All participants in need of obtaining an “exit-test” in order to be allowed entrance to
    their point of origin, will be offered an Antigen test, at their own cost, before leaving
    the event.
    Positive test routines
    • Infected persons will be isolated in designated rooms. The costs related to isolation
    must be covered by the national federation that are responsible for their team
    attending the event.
    • Nations that bring their own COVID-test (rapid COVID-19 antigen self-test) and are
    testing themselves in addition to the test regime for the event, are required to report
    positive test result to the organizers COVID-19 team.
    • Other infection control measures will be considered / decided by the COVID-19 team
    in consultation with the District Medical Officer. All parts involved, including the
    organizer, leaders, athletes, federations and guests are subject to any immediate
    decisions/orders from the District Medical Officer or the organizer’s COVID-19 team.
  1. Information to all incoming participants before the event
    This protocol will be updated if significant changes in Covid regulations should be issued by
    local or national health authorities. The English version will be published in all relevant
    information channels as soon as it is approved or updated.
  1. Covid-requirements for the actual shooting events
    All areas in the shooting venue: each participant (personnel, athletes, support
    persons, officials)
    has a duty to wear a face mask in these locations. Exemptions to
    the rule of using face masks are only allowed on a special permission (based on
    medical exception). In these cases, alternate safety measures should be provided for,
    such as a protective plex or visor. These must be provided by the teams themselves.
    Athletes can remove their masks during Shooting BUT ONLY when preparation and
    sighting starts. The athlete must replace their mask immediately after finishing their
    event. Participants can wear their own private face masks. The coaches must wear
    masks or protective plex at all times during the competition and need to sit down on
    designated chairs. All competition/training areas will have numerous places with
    hand sanitizer available, as well as face masks and disposable gloves. All areas in the
    shooting venue will be disinfected several times a day and each competitor must
    disinfect his or her station before and after their shooting. All delegations are
    requested to have access to/bring with them an adequate supply of face masks,
    gloves and hand sanitizer.
    The Industry Services: To be located in a designated area in “Vikingskipet”. The
    Manufacturers will each be separated by at least a 2 meter safety distance. As with
    other personnel and participants, exhibitors and their staff must also be use face
    masks and ensure that with exhibition area is regularly sanitized with their own
    supplies. The personnel of the OC will disinfect all booths daily in cooperation with
    the exhibitors.
    Weapon Storage: Personnel will work from behind a protective plexiglass with the
    appropriate safety gear (face masks or plex/visor and disposable gloves). Only
    athletes, coaches and part of the competition personnel are allowed in the weapon
    control area. When visiting the weapon storage, the athlete must show the IR code
    on their accreditation, which will be scanned by the weapons storage personnel, who
    then deliver the weapons and gear to the athlete. Pressure air cylinders are filled
    next to weapon storage with an NTO present for the safety and to refill the cylinder.
    European Shooting Championship 10m
    COVID-19 Protocol – Second Edition per March 1
    Finals Hall/”Hamarhallen”: The Finals Hall has 100-150 seats, where seating will be
    marked in a way that takes safety distances into consideration. All people in the
    Finals Hall must wear appropriate protective gear. The VIPs will have 10 places and 1
    place for each country without a representative in the finals.
    Final Process: All Athlete finalists will be taken to the finals range with their gear by
    car from weapon storage. Finalists will only enter through a door indicated to them
    and gather in the reporting area next to the Final Hall. Inside the reporting area,
    everyone must wear face masks. Finalists will be given instructions by the Jury. The
    personal gear of the finalists will be delivered in baskets by competition personnel or
    their coach, who must wear a face mask and disposable gloves. Coaches must sit
    down on the chairs designated for their use. Athletes are only allowed to remove
    their face masks in the Finals Hall just before the competition starts and they are
    called to the line. Finalists must replace mask immediately after elimination and
    sitting down. At the end of the final, the 3 medalists will be presented at the middle
    of Field of Play for the photographs. All athletes must have their masks on during the
    photos and the interviews. After completing the photo shoot, the athletes will be
    directed back to the reporting area, where they will have the opportunity to wash
    their hands, with hand sanitizer and face masks being available to them. The
    medalists will change into their national outfits and prepare for the award ceremony.
    The intention is that the awards ceremony will take place immediately after the final
    has finished. NOTE: Neither finalists nor coaches or any third person should physically
    congratulate each other by hugging or shaking on the field of play when a final ends.
    It is important to keep physically distanced and respect everyone’s safety.
    Award Ceremony: In the awards ceremony both those that are awarded and those
    handing out the awards must wear face masks and those handing the awards will
    also be wearing disposable gloves There will be no handshakes, but instead bowing
    and curtseying as appropriate. Medals and flowers will be awarded to the winners on
    trays and they will personally place medals around their necks because it is important
    to keep physically distanced and respect everyone’s safety. Those assisting the award
    handlers will also be wearing appropriate protective gear.
    Doping tests: Both the doping Officers (DCO) and the escorts will be wearing face
    masks and disposable gloves, as will the athletes being tested. The ESC anti-doping
    officer with assist the DCO.
  1. Specific infection control measures for the following areas / places:
    Hotel in Hamar
    • Participants with a positive PCR test to stay designated hotel rooms. Meals to be
    served to their rooms.
    • Face mask must be used in all common areas at the event hotels.
    Use of indoor facilities at the hotel, including fitness facilities, massage / treatment
    rooms and meeting rooms after the sports quarantine has ended
    European Shooting Championship 10m
    COVID-19 Protocol – Second Edition per March 1
    • Other participants are free to use the areas from arrival.
    Internal transport in Hamar
    • All transport takes place with the organizer’s closed transport system
    • All means of transport from the organizer are disinfected between each
    • Everyone must wear a face mask during transport
    The arenas
    • Organizer will keep athletes, leaders and officials separated from the spectators.
    • All meals are served at the hotel, with the exception of lunch for WSPS-participants
    that will enjoy lunch in “Vikingskipet”. Personnel who will be at the arena for a
    longer period of time will have access to ready-made food.
    • Championship equipment as name tags etc are packed in advance and hung up for
    collection by the individual athlete.
    • Face masks must be used in all areas in the shooting venue and where distance
    requirements cannot be maintained.
    Arena security
    • The Organizer establishes access control and shell security in the areas that are
    closely connected to the cohorts so that unwanted audiences are not given
    access to stay in the vicinity of these areas.
    • In the mixed zone double fences are rigged for increased distance between the
    media and athletes.
    • Any press conferences before, during or after the event are conducted digitally or
    in such a way that athletes and support staff do not have physical contact with
    the media at any time.
    • The media must wear a face mask in accredited areas
    Volunteers and other implementation staff
    • Volunteers presence at the arena shall be in accordance with rosters and
    in predefined areas.
    • Volunteers must wear face masks in accredited areas and where distance
    requirements cannot be met.
    About the protocol
    Any changes in the regulations, as well as orders and input from national and local health
    authorities, will be continuously included and updated in the document.

    March 1, 2022
    Per Iversen
    Secretary General/Covid-19 Coordinator